Digital Payments Ombudsman scheme

The transactions have reached in millions. This can be seen when considering a year ago, in March 2018 from INR 787 with number of transactions around 3 lakhs to INR 1700 and the number of transactions being 78 crores in March 2019. Considering India to be transacting digitally with various payment modes- UPI, Cards, Netbanking and e-wallets. It’s not easy to manage such huge volume with 20 fold increment in number of transactions. However the journey of going ahead seamlessly won't be easy! The new scheme by RBI is for the support of the customers and Merchants. This ecosystem has a long way to go and we have to cover a long journey for digital transactions to go completely seamless and secure.
The latest Ombudsman Scheme for Digital Transactions 2019 will aid in this a big way. This scheme aims to resolve complaints and grievances related to digital payments.
For any failure or wrongful transactions which are unable to get fixed by authorised banks or payment firm directly, then you can approach a digital payments ombudsman .
In this case, the response rate is high as the bank or payments firm is notified of failed or wrongful transactions within 24 hours.
Digital Payments ombudsman comes into picture when everything else fails. An ombudsman is a government official or government office tasked with the agenda of representing the general public’s interest in a particular area.
The offices of an ombudsman have the power to investigate, address and settle the issues it receives.
The RBI has currently set up 21 digital payments ombudsman offices across India. This scheme came into force earlier this year, and in its latest monetary policy statement, the RBI stated that it also aims to harmonize the turnaround time for resolving these complaints.
This initiative is worth hailing because customer complaints should be addressed and resolved. Bad experiences with digital payments can effect a customer’s will to transact online again. Considering skepticism of customers by default because of their hard earned money, this will be very helpful for them.
RBI also ensures that users who transact digitally are aware of this Digital payments ombudsman scheme.

Following is the process to file a complaint under Digital Payments Ombudsman Scheme-

  1. Step1. Go to the url-
  2. Step2. Go to point 8
  3. Step3. Click on “Click here to lodge a complaint”

Following details are required from a customer during a complaint- Name and address of the complainant, the name and address of the branch or office of the bank against which the complaint is made, facts giving rise to the complaint supported by documents, if any, the nature and extent of the loss caused to the complainant, the relief sought from the Banking Ombudsman and a declaration about the compliance with conditions which are required to be complied with by the complainant under Clause 9(3) of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme.

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